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71 Problems a. What is the most likely mode of inheritance of each of these phenotypes? Explain. b. List the genotypes of all members in generation III as far as possible. c. If a hypothetical mating took place between IV-1 and IV-5, what is the probability of the Frst child’s being a dwarf with cataracts? A phenotypically nor- mal child? (Problem 49 after J. Kuspira and R. Bhambhani, Compendium of Problems in Genetics. Copyright 1994 by Wm. C. Brown.) 50. A corn geneticist has three pure lines of geno- types a / a ; B / B ; C / C , A / A ; b / b ; C / C , and A / A ; B / B ; c / c . All the phenotypes determined by a , b , and c will increase the market value of the corn, so naturally he wants to combine them all in one pure line of genotype a / a ; b / b ; c / c . a. Outline an effective crossing program that can be used to obtain the a / a ; b / b ; c / c pure line. At each stage, state exactly which phenotypes will be selected and give their expected frequencies. c. Is there more than one way to obtain the desired genotype? Which is the best way?
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