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Carlos Galindo EHTICS PHI 1600 – 1634 Dr. Maureen Mahoney January 18, 2009 1. In basing our responses to a dilemma solely on the thought of winning we tend to become one-sided. We hide from ourselves the ‘other side’ of the story and focus only on the great aspects of our views. We pin-point only the flaws associated with the other side and limit ourselves to truly understand the problem. When trying to the find the actual truth we are open to both sides and closely examine them.
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Unformatted text preview: We bring out both the pros and cons of each side and then look into them closely, finding which is truly the best. 2. When we choose to decide between inductive or deductive we must remember that inductive arguments may form false conclusions. By eliminating the possibility of false conclusions and utilizing a deductive method, we can greatly lower the amount of debate or questioning about a conclusion once it has been set....
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