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Unformatted text preview: Carlos Galindo EHTICS PHI 1600 1634 Dr. Maureen Mahoney January 12, 2009 Throughout time several television programs have developed which display unmoral acts such as violence and profanity. This case presents to us a problem of whether public television must abide by our moral standards or not. As television viewing booms in the 21 st century, the public argues if the media should be regulated to restrict unmoral behaviors since television has come to greatly influence us. Angela argues that the unmoral behaviors displayed on television today may lead her son to commit unmoral acts. She further explains how she cannot personally hinder her child from viewing this obscene material 24/7, and states that the government should take action and remove these programs. When taken the opinion of a 24-year old college student, Josh, he described how these unmoral shows actually portray real life events he can relate to from the past, and some provide a great medium in which to discuss...
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