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PLEASE - PRINT THIS OUT INR 2002 – Fall 2009 Roberson Role-play Activity The purpose of this activity is to view a certain question with a “new lens”. You will need to put aside your “American lens” as you take on the role of your assigned country. While in the assigned discussion area you will need to “become” your country and see things only the way that you think leaders of your country would. Your reactions in the discussions and in class should reflect the country’s foreign policy, culture, history, regime, etc… try to always stay “in character” not matter how much you might disagree with your country. Do not worry – we will end our discussions in the role-play area and take some class time for everyone to “come clean” and reveal your true views – just in case you do not exactly agree with the foreign policy of the country that you portrayed. The questions that will be discussed will include areas such as the current global economic crisis, trade, human rights, the world health crisis, weapons of mass destruction, the global environment, conflict, just to name a few. So as you are reading your chapters – remember to think, “What would my country’s view be?” You can use any sources that you find useful to “research” your country’s views on many questions. I would suggest starting with some of the sites on our important links page in the course site, the UN web page as well as any media sites that you think might be helpful. The UN website has an area called the “cyber school bus” that is for grades k-12 – but the country and issue information is amazing and right at your fingertips. In addition, the US State Department web page has some great country stats too. If you cannot find too much information – go ahead and play your role according to what
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Role_Play_Activity_fall_2009 - PLEASE PRINT THIS OUT INR...

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