Chapter Final Notes

Chapter Final Notes - FINAL NOTES Judaism Religion of...

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FINAL NOTES Judaism Religion of Hebrews Monotheistic “God” of space and time 1000 B.C. Hebrew tribes unify under King David Son King Solomon keeps things going Solomon built first temple of Jerusalem 586 B.C. Hebrews taken over by Babylonians Babylonians destroy first temple of Jerusalem Hebrews freed in 550 by the Persians Hebrews spread around (Jewish Diaspora) Hebrews controlled by Romans 60 A.D. Hebrews are revolting Romans need reinforcements 70 A.D. Romans destroy second temple in Jerusalem 73 A.D. Hebrews group hold out against Romans on Mt. Masada Massacre at Mt. Masada – Hebrews kill each other Arch of Titus Shows Massacre of Masada Shows propaganda Stories of Jesus
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- St. Mark - Greek - St. Matthew - Syrian - St. Luke - Greek - St. John – Greek Most historical account of life of Jesus is St. Luke St. Luke’s Gospel Starts at birth of Jesus 30 years old starts teaching (Repentance, forgiveness, love, peace) Jesus has followers named the 12 Disciples (Peter….etc.) 33 years old Jesus and disciples in Jerusalem for Passover 3 Rulers did not like Jesus so went to persecute Jesus Jesus and disciples have last supper and Jesus says “One of you will betray me” Iscariot – traitor disciple Jesus captured sent to Governor Pontius Pilate Jesus persecuted and tortured & crucified Byzantine Empire Take over Eastern Empire Main religion Orthodox Justinian the Great savior of the western empire Starts in Ravenna Western Eastern Religion Structures Basilica – church Cathedrals – church with cathedra Triforium – band used for decorations Clerestory – row of windows San Vitale Left panel by alter – Justinian Right panel by alter – Justinian’s Wife Santa Sophia Cathedral Built by Justinian Converted to Islamic Temple Western Empire Medieval Period
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Chapter Final Notes - FINAL NOTES Judaism Religion of...

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