Humanities Review 2

Humanities Review 2 - W hat happened in 479 B.C.? What is...

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What happened in 479 B.C.? What is the league to defend Greece from Persia to defend city-states? Who joins the league and assumes control? What does the leagues name change to? What does the league do when they become imperial? Who did the Athenians face? What league is Sparta in? What war starts in 431 B.C.? When Athens is losing what do they try to do? Does Athens win or lose? Who wins the Peloponnesian war? What is the theme in sculptures in Hellenic Art? How can you tell if it is a roman copy? (2) Name 3 Male Statues in Hellenic Art Describe Kritos Boy (3) Describe Doryphorus (2) Describe Discobolos (1) Name a female statue (1) She was the first what (1) What is Patina (1) What is the run off bronze used for (1) Name two bronze sculptures (2) What order has feminine traits (1)
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What order has masculine traits (1) What are volutes (1) Where are volutes located (1) What order is more complex (1) When was the Athenian Acropolis destroyed (1) What is the main temple in the acropolis (1) What statue is in the acropolis (1) Who created the Athena statue (1) What does Parthenon mean (1) What order the Parthenon (1) What order is the inner frieze of the Parthenon (1) What is Peplos (1)
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Humanities Review 2 - W hat happened in 479 B.C.? What is...

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