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Long Essay Notes - Long Essay As for your long essay(1000 words as the class dictates I will give you certain topics along the way that you can

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Long Essay - As for your long essay (1000 words as the class dictates), I will give you certain topics along the way that you can write on, or you may find a topic on your own. However, if you decide to do something besides a topic that I have laid out for you, then come and see me during my office hours to approve your topic. If the topic is not approved by the instructor, then the essay will not be accepted. Your topic must fall into the time period and avenues of study that we are addressing in class. If you have further questions regarding this essay, come see me in my office or email me. 5) Do you believe that the Great Sphinx is dated to the time of the pyramid of Khafre, or do you believe it is much older? There are many new explanations of the dating of the sphinx and you may use those interpretations. Make sure to utilize the theory used in the discussion in class either for support or to argue against that theory. If you use outside sources, cite them. West Claim was carved 9-10 thousand years ago Legends of Atlantis Lies on edge of giza plateau 240 ft long 60ft high Facing east against the sun Egypmologist believe it was carved by chefryn 4,500 years ago – also built 2 nd of 3 major pyramids during the old kingdom John Anthony west egyptomoligist found sphinx was eroded by water If it was eroded by water it had to be at least 9,000 years old Can tell the difference from water and wind/sand erosion Dr. shock expert in erosion of rocks West and shock traveled to Egypt Stones told shock west was right Other monuments weathered by wind/sand Wind blows away softer layers leaving harder, by rain have undulating profile Wind vs rain erosion Water erosion only found on sphinx
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Clearly rain cannot be nile because of way of erosion…further down is more out Walls eroded by water falling of plateau Only possible source was rain John cutsbock from univ of wisconsion --- study of ancient weather patterns – 10,000 years ago sahara covered by lakes – geologic evidence say that around 10,000 years ago sahara was wetter than now Vertical fissure by water clear evidence from geologist caused by rain beating on rocks Receding photograph – higher number, higher durability….why is top layer more durable but more receded than bottom? – more facts for rain – take more rain so receed back further Geology vs Egyptology Osirian temple built into the ground – like the sphinx – sand covered it – sand covered over 50ft – built at same time of sphinx Step pyramid at saccara – mud bricks of saqquara – 3000b.c. – haven’t dissolved – 10 miles from giza Eroded floor can tell how long it has been deteriorating – seismic waves can tell how deep is soft rock – rock is weathered down 2-2 ½ meters to harder rock – behind sphinx only 1.2 meters – indicates rump was carved out later – back was in khafres time – 2500b.c. other 3 sides show 50- 100% deeper carved earlier Front was weather 8ft back only 4ft Front at least 7,000 years ago since he repaired back 4,000 years ago
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Long Essay Notes - Long Essay As for your long essay(1000 words as the class dictates I will give you certain topics along the way that you can

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