COMPOSITION 1 - Name: Yousef KashKash Tues & Thurs Sec...

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Name: Yousef KashKash Tues & Thurs Sec # 21 CHM 1025 Ch 4 HW For this Chapter, the Homework questions involve more Problem-solving techniques. The vocabulary and problem-solving answers may be found in your text or online or from a dictionary, or using the techniques learned in class, in text, or from your online lecture notes. Please answer the problems from at least one chapter of the chapters on the upcoming test and submit on angel. Be sure that you include (on top of your assignment) Chapter number, your name, your class’s name, your class’s meeting days & times (or section number) and the number and your solution/ response. These problems will be based on: knowledge of the vocabulary ability to classify a statement as an observation, a law or a theory Homework: answer the following problems; email the document to me with your answers below the questions: A. Vocabulary: define the following terms: 1. alkali metals:` are all very reactive metals 2. alkaline earth metals: are also fairly reactive, although not quite as reactive as the alkali metals 3. anions: are negative charged ions 4. atomic mass: represents the average mass of the atoms that compose that element 5. atomic mass unit: defined as one-twelfth of the mass of a carbon atom containing six protons and six neutrons 6. atomic number (Z): number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
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7. cations: are positive charged ions 8. charge: protons and electrons both have electrical charge 9. charge: electrical charge is relevant to much of our modern world 10. chemical symbol: a one- or two- letter abbreviation for the element that appears directly below its atomic number on the periodic table 11. electron: has a negative charge ,that they are much smaller
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COMPOSITION 1 - Name: Yousef KashKash Tues & Thurs Sec...

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