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Yousef KashKash Professor Flores ENC1101, 4817 October8, 2008 Kids are highly affected by their parents in developing their personalities From generation to generation the process of parenting kids has changed greatly, hence it became different. The way of parenting has changed specifically and not necessarily the quality of parenting. The affect of parenting on kids has also changed due to many reasons. In the past parents used to be completely in charge of teaching their kids when they were in the house. The parents used to shape up their kids minds of what is good, bad, cool, etc. Therefore, kids were like a reflection of their parents so whenever they were bad kids you knew where the mistake came from. As the generations evolved the parents’ part of teaching their kids had decreased greatly due to the invention of media. The media has a big affect on people, especially kids. Kids are introduced to media these days as early as the day they are born. Therefore, the media has won a great chance over parents in shaping the kids minds, but still parents
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KashKash.1101.4817.E2 Draft.rtf - Yousef KashKash Professor...

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