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Yousef KashKash Professor Flores ENC 1101, 4817 October13, 2008 Children as Highly Affected by their parents in developing their personalities Today the media has an effect on people like no other time, because today people think if they base their personalities on what the media wants them to be, then they will be accepted. The commercials selected provide both positive and negative influences on children by parents, but mostly negative influences. Each commercial has a different example of how negative influences can be made by parents. For example, the first commercial showed several influences by parents in terms of their actions. The second commercial showed an influence by parents who were smoking in front of their children. The media has the potential to give children and parents an idea of how they should direct their lives. Therefore, the media has won a great chance over parents in shaping the children’s minds, but still parents have a big role in affecting their kid’s personalities. Moreover, children are influenced by their parents.
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KashKash.1101.4817.E2.rtf adjustments 2 - Yousef KashKash...

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