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KashKash.1101.4817.E4.EDITED - Yousef KashKash Professor...

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Yousef KashKash Professor Flores ENC1101, 4817 November/23/2008 The Working Monster: The Reality of Competition in the World Today people from all over the world strive to reach the best lifestyle they can get, and though this may be common, the result can be monstrous to any young man or woman who faces this great chasm to cross. People may immigrate to other countries for the better of themselves, for example to seek a degree, career, mate, and to build character within them. The importance of earning a high degree has never been so valuable, and requires more. Therefore, people do their best to achieve their dreams. Today, in order to live an ordinary lifestyle one must work every bit for it. Through our entire life we must always fight to put forth our best; whether it be in the learning environment, in our jobs, or parenting our children this Working Monster is always with us. A student’s direction towards his career is demanding and requires high effort and commitment. Although there are many fields in college, they are all filled with students who are eager to get the best possible jobs for their field, even from foreign countries. In fact, the Saudi government is now offering scholarships for students to earn high education levels from the USA so they can be the conductors who maintain their country to be with the modern world (Dr.
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Mohammed Abdullah Al eissa 2008). Moreover, with the increasing populations, globalization and most importantly the increasing common desire to have the same lifestyle has made today’s life a place of competition towards reaching ones goal. For this reason many people who haven’t had degrees but had jobs, went back to college to ensure their position. Unfortunately, for some it was too late for them to ensure their position, for things had happened quickly and without warning. Also, a lot of students now are changing their majors into easier ones or at least they are changing into majors that finish in fewer years, because of the high population competing on the
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  • Spring '07
  • Working time, high paying jobs, Working Monster, Yousef KashKash Professor Flores ENC1101, Mohammed Abdullah Al eissa

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KashKash.1101.4817.E4.EDITED - Yousef KashKash Professor...

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