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Unformatted text preview: Yousef KashKash Professor Flores ENC1101, 4817 October19, 2008 The Past is Never Far Away from Ones Immediate Life In “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” by Doug Fine we learn a lesson on how one can easily return to their past when their admired goals direct them to the other side. Here we see Doug believing he had reached his goal of independency, but that doesn’t last long due to a natural disaster. Dough was once a suburban latchkey kid who subsisted on Domino’s Pizza and “Brady Bunch” reruns for his first 18 years. Now, Doug farms tomatoes, corn, beans, carrots and squash.”The tomatoes were so prolific that it looked as if our explicit family goal would be reached: no matter how many we gorged on while harvesting, we’d still have a winters worth of pasta sauce to can in the fall, with enough left over to make a respectable showing at the valley harvest festival in October” said Doug. On August 20with no warning a storm hit the garden and destroyed it. This changed the world around for Doug and his fiancée as it started off with the garden and destroyed it....
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