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Yousef KashKash ENC 1101, 4817 Professor.Flores Nov/2/08 The Complex Modern Life Drives People into Different Directions The article”Facebook in a Crowd” by HAL NIEDZVIECKI shows us how the socializing part of our lives has become and its effects on us. On one day last summer Hal logged on to Facebook and had realized his friends list had almost neared 700 “online friends.” He was proud of himself for he had lots of connections, acquaintances, and even strangers he had managed to sign up. Hal provides us with a piece that shows us the importance of friends in our modern lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to have lots of friends from both kinds: Quantity and quality friends. First, one must make quality friends for it is the more valuable kind that has the more important features. Second, comes the making of quantity friends which one can benefit from because some of them may become quality friends later. Therefore, people who surround
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