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KashKash.1101.4817.rtf Meet the Parents - Yousef KashKash...

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Yousef KashKash ENC 1101, 4817 Professor. Flores November/16/08 One never knows the Intentions of Others In the article “Meet the Parents” by WILLIAM GEORGIADES we are given an example of a family who has a past to learn from and pick up from there. William has been searching for nine years for his mom and he was lucky because he almost gave up on several occasions. He found his mom in a tea room of a hotel in South Kensington, but they had never been formally introduced. The last time they met was 41 years ago, when his mother gave him up for adoption. His mom had similar features as those of Williams face. The meeting was arranged three days earlier with the help of Williams’s social worker who had been in the case for a few weeks. The social worker sent William an E-mail with an attached note from his mother saying she was happy and well and she hopes the same for her son, also she would love to meet her son. William wrote back immediately and said “I happened to have business in London that weekend; would she have time to meet?” By now William expects his mother to be drunk and angry and chain-smoking otherwise he expects to reconnect with his royal family. Either way, William wants to
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KashKash.1101.4817.rtf Meet the Parents - Yousef KashKash...

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