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Yousef KashKash ENC 1101, 4817 Dr. Juan Flores November 17, 2008 One feels good when they know the outcome In reading this piece entitled “X = 50 Semesters” by Manil Suri, he is a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He starts off the piece by describing his first class in his career. Manil Suri says he felt nervous towards his first class teaching calculus because of many reasons. First, some students were older and better-dressed than he is. Second, there were a hundred and twenty students in class. Third, he introduced himself as a professor and felt weird about it as he just got the title a few days earlier. Fourth, the blackboard was small and was easy to fill up. Fifth, he had to flip the blackboard to see the back, but then had to keep turning it to see what he wrote down previously. Sixth, he faced an unrehearsed problem and got stuck. Therefore, he started to speak faster to cover the class’s excited murmurs. His accent thickened and seemed as if he just got off the boat from India. He made a miscalculation and tried to cover it up with a joke, but failed. Therefore, he failed to connect with the
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KashKash.1101.4817.rtf x=50semesters - Yousef KashKash ENC...

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