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Preview Work -- Analysis Template Flores Prompt: Monster, in expressions found in synonyms, could be described as something enormous, as giant, as an ogre or even fiend. Whether it is something that works out of the macabre or what might be considered simply an entity bigger than ourselves, it generally strikes fear in us all and so we often find ourselves even controlled by its mere presence. You are asked to research the word monster and find its various applications. Monster, for example, could be applied to some agent of harm who or that for whatever purposes seeks to do some form of destruction or control on its victim. Monsters in books and science fiction films are good examples of this. The monster Frankenstein, created my Mary Shelley in the 19 th century, was an innocent creature created by a doctor that sought havoc on its creator and his family. The movie Alien , by Ridley Scott – another good example – was about a creature who, through mistakes of a space-ship’s crew, finds itself stranded on the ship and throughout the plot does destruction to all concerned. Consider, however, other forms of monstrosities. Hospitals, as an case in point, though considered generally good for a society has become something of a system so large and unyielding that we often hear and read stories of its harm – intended or not – to those who seek health and solace within its walls. Could
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kashkash.template.rtf - Flores Preview Work - Analysis...

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