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KashKkash.1101.4817.rtf Grand Theft Litho - Yousef kashKash...

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Yousef kashKash Professor Flores ENC1101.4817 November/30/08 Being part of a Family cycle In the article “Grand Theft Litho” by Marion Winik we are presented with a good example of how each member in a family contributes to the success of the whole family. Also, we are given a piece with lots of lessons to be learned from about humans socializing and trusting each other. Marion and her sister began to spend lots of time with their mother, as if they were back in their childhood when their mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. During the nine months before their mom died they have been meeting each other at an old ranch development that was far from both Marion and her sister Nancy. To support their moms last pleasure they tried to meet with their mom as many times possible, for many things were taken away from the mother. Therefore, as life goes by people get interested into new things and perhaps things they have already known.
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