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Name: Yousef KashKash ENC 1101, Sec: 4817 Professor. Flores Date due: 9/22/08 The evil approach effects people lives seeking desirable values according to” Cops Pray and Weep… inside (St. Pat’s, 1987)” by Mel Finkelstein. In a world of wealth, competition, authority, and power surge a high demand for acceptance, survival, and success in order to seek peace. With this in mind all the people with different backgrounds regardless of religion, race, wealth, age, and gender will do whatever it takes to satisfy the needs of tomorrow. The picture shows a group of cops, relatives, and friends sitting down on rows of benches in a church displaying grief, will towards correction, and dispisableness of why people would do destructive things to innocent people just for the sake of survival. The picture shows a diversification of people which reflect unity, trust, and belief in peace. The police in the picture show gestures as an indication of the many sacrifices and risks they face each day to organize the public and save people’s lives. Therefore, Peace is proportionate with cooperation towards goodness. Peace is a combination of trust, unity, cooperation, and insistent of good. Also, peace can
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Yousef KashKash.1101.4817.E1.rtf - Name Yousef KashKash ENC...

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