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126 Chapter 4 Eukaryote Chromosome Mapping by Recombination analyzed. Henceforth the genes must be written in cor- rect order. Second, we have definitely established that ct is be- tween v and cv , and we have established the distances between ct and these loci in map units. But we have arbitrarily placed v to the left and cv to the right; the map could equally well be inverted. Third, note that linkage maps merely map the loci in relation to one another, with the use of standard map units. We do not know where the loci are on a chromo- some—or even which specific chromosome they are on. In subsequent analyses as more loci are mapped in rela- tion to these three, the complete chromosome map would become “fleshed out.” careful in our classification of parental and recombinant types. Note that the parental input genotypes for the triple heterozygotes are v ± ² cv ² ct and v ² cv ± ² ct ± ; any combination other than these two constitutes a recombinant.
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