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144 Chapter 4 Eukaryote Chromosome Mapping by Recombination children (who is Rh 1 E) marries someone who is Rh 1 e, and they have an Rh 1 E child. a. Draw the pedigree of this whole family. b. Is the pedigree in agreement with the hypothesis that the Rh 1 allele is dominant and Rh 2 is recessive? c. What is the mechanism of transmission of ellipto- cytosis? d. Could the genes governing the E and Rh pheno- types be on the same chromosome? If so, estimate the map distance between them, and comment on your result. 17. From several crosses of the general type A / A ? B / B 3 a / a ? b / b the F 1 individuals of type A / a ? B / b were testcrossed to a / a ? b / b . The results are as follows: 19. In the accompanying pedigree, the vertical lines stand for protan colorblindness, and the horizontal lines stand for deutan colorblindness. These are sep- arate conditions causing different misperceptions of colors; each is determined by a separate gene.
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