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18.7 The many parallels in vertebrate and insect pattern formation How universal are the developmental principles uncov- ered in Drosophila? Even now, the type of genetic analy- sis possible in Drosophila is not feasible in most other organisms, at least not without a huge investment to develop comparable genetic tools and to breed and maintain colonies of larger animals. However, in the past two decades, recombinant DNA technology has pro- vided the necessary tools. One important approach is simply to use the power of DNA-DNA hybridization to Fsh out cognate genes from a different organism. If genomes have been sequenced, then it is a simple matter to use the computer to Fnd the gene in question. Some of the most spectacular and unexpected parallels have come from comparing early ±y and mouse development, given that the evolutionary distance between ±y and mammal is so great. Perhaps the most striking Fnding is the similarity be- tween certain clusters of homeotic genes in mammals and Drosophila.
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