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Introduction to Genetic Analysis 608 - served in mammals...

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Unformatted text preview: served in mammals and appear to govern major develop- mental events in many—perhaps all—higher animals. It is fair to say that the majority of genes in the metazoan genome are common to most members of the animal kingdom. The take-home message is that the basic path- ways that underlie pattern formation are ancient and are exploited in many different ways to produce animals that are superficially very different from one another. However, there are limits to the generality of the de- tailed mechanisms. The underlying molecules that regu- late development in plants are different from those in animals, but many of the same themes are seen in plant and animal development. In both plants and animals, transcription factors and signaling systems are exploited to create pattern. However, because of the ancient phy- logenetic split between plants and animals and because the life strategies of plants and animals are dramatically different, it is not surprising that different molecules ful- fill the parallel roles.fill the parallel roles....
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