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16. What do geneticists mean when they say that cells “communicate”? 17. What is the difference between the cell communica- tion action of the anchor cell and that of the pri- mary cell in the development of the C. elegans vulva? 18. What is the “ancestor” of the Hox gene B6 in the Drosophila HOM set? 19. In the human maleness-determining system, what do you think regulates transcription of SRY (if any- thing)? 20. In Arabidopsis Fowers, what would be the Fower whorls in mutants that had no B gene transcripts at all? 21. XYY humans are fertile males. XXX humans are fertile females. What do these observations reveal about the mechanisms of sex determination and dosage compensation? 22. Occasionally, there are humans who are mosaics of XX and XY tissue. They generally exhibit a uniform sexual phenotype. Some of them are phenotypically female, others male. Explain these observations in regard to the mechanism of sex determination in mammals. 23.
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