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611 KEY QUESTIONS How much genetic variation is there in natural populations of organisms? What are the effects of patterns of mating on genetic variation? What are the sources of the genetic variation that is observed in populations? What are the processes that cause changes in the kind and amount of genetic variation in populations? OUTLINE 19.1 Variation and its modulation
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Unformatted text preview: 19.2 Effect of sexual reproduction on variation 19.3 Sources of variation 19.4 Selection 19.5 Balanced polymorphism 19.6 Random events 19 POPULATION GENETICS Shell-color polymorphism in Liguus fascitus. [From David Hillis, Journal of Heredity , JulyAugust 1991.] 44200_19_p611-642 3/23/04 11:10 AM Page 611...
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