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Natural selection Genetic drift Recombination Assortative mating Migration Mutation Figure 19-1 Overview of the phenomena that cause genetic change in populations. We begin with two phenotypically uniform populations, into which variation is introduced by mutation. Migration between populations then introduces these separate mutations into both populations. Assortative mating may occur between individuals of different phenotypes or the same phenotype. Recombination in the offspring of these matings leads to new combinations of characters that
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Unformatted text preview: were previously found in different individuals. Genetic drift due to random sampling of gametes changes the frequencies of the genotypes and causes some divergence between the two populations in the frequencies of their genotypes and phenotypes. Natural selection then causes the populations to diverge even more. CHAPTER OVERVIEW Figure 19.1 Variation and its modulation 613 44200_19_p611-642 3/12/04 2:34 PM Page 613...
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