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Unformatted text preview: practical substitute for DNA sequencing that can be used if one is interested only in detecting variant forms of a protein without knowing the particular amino acid changes involved. This method makes use of the change in the physical properties of a protein when one amino acid is substituted for another. Proteins carry a net charge that is the result of the ionization of side chains on five amino acids (glutamic acid, aspartic acid, argi- nine, lysine, and histidine). Amino acid substitutions may directly replace one of these charged amino acids, or a noncharged substitution near a charged amino acid may alter the degree of ionization of the charged amino acid, or a substitution at the joining between two he- lices may cause a slight shift in the three-dimensional packing of the folded polypeptide. In all these cases, the net charge on the polypeptide will be altered. The change in net charge on the protein can be de- tected by gel electrophoresis. Figure 19-2 shows the out- come of such an electrophoretic separation. The trackscome of such an electrophoretic separation....
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