Introduction to Genetic Analysis 639

Introduction to Genetic Analysis 639 - The study of changes...

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Unformatted text preview: The study of changes within a population, or population genetics, relates the heritable changes in populations or organisms to the underlying individual processes of in- heritance and development. Population genetics is the study of inherited variation and its modification in time and space. Identifiable inherited variation within a population can be studied by examining the differences in specific amino acid sequences of proteins, or even examining, most recently, the differences in nucleotide sequences within the DNA. These kinds of observations have revealed that there is considerable polymorphism at many loci within a population. A measure of this variation is the amount of heterozygosity in a population. Population studies have shown that in general the genetic differences between in- dividuals within human races are much greater than the average differences between races. The ultimate source of all variation is mutation....
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