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Solution a. Describe the frequencies of the different morphs for samples of snails from a large number of populations covering the geographical and ecological range of the species. Each snail must be scored for both polymor- phisms. At the same time, record a description of the habitat of each population. In addition, estimate the number of snails in each population. b. Measure migration distances by marking a sample of snails with a spot of paint on the shell, replacing them in the population, and then resampling at a later date. c. Raise broods from eggs laid by individual snails so that the genotype of male parents can be inferred and nonrandom mating patterns can be observed. The segre- gation frequencies within each family will reveal differ- ences between genotypes in probability of survivorship of early developmental stages. d. Seek further evidence of selection from (1) geograph- ical patterns in the frequencies of the alleles, (2) correla- tion between allele frequencies and ecological variables,
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