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643 KEY QUESTIONS For a particular character, how do we answer the question, Is the observed variation in the character influenced at all by genetic variation? Are there alleles segregating in the population that produce some differential effect on the character or is all the variation simply the result of environmental variation and developmental noise (see Chapter 1)? If there is genetic variation, what are the norms of reaction of the various genotypes? For a particular character, how important is genetic variation as a source of total phenotypic variation? Are the norms of reaction and the environments such that nearly all the variation is a consequence of environmental difference and developmental instabilities or does genetic
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Unformatted text preview: variation predominate? • Do many loci (or only a few) vary with respect to a particular character? How are they distributed throughout the genome? OUTLINE 20.1 Genes and quantitative traits 20.2 Some basic statistical notions 20.3 Genotypes and phenotypic distribution 20.4 Norm of reaction and phenotypic distribution 20.5 Determining norms of reaction 20.6 The heritability of a quantitative character 20.7 Quantifying heritability 20.8 Locating genes QUANTITATIVE GENETICS The composite flowers of Gaillardia pulchella. Quantitative variation in flower color, flower diameter, and number of flower parts. [J. Heywood, Journal of Heredity, May/June 1986.] 20 44200_20_p643-678 3/23/04 14:47 Page 643...
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