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Unformatted text preview: of Japanese immigrants who are born and reared in North America are taller than their parents but shorter than the North American average, and so we might con- clude that there is some influence of genetic difference. However, second-generation Japanese Americans are even taller than their American-born parents. It appears that some environmental-cultural influence, possibly nu- tritional or perhaps an effect of maternal inheritance, is still felt in the first generation of births in North Amer- ica. We cannot yet say anything definitive about genetic differences that might contribute to the height differ- ences between North Americans of, say, Japanese and Swedish ancestry. Personality traits, temperament, cognitive perfor- mance (including IQ scores), and a whole variety of be- haviors such as alcoholism and mental disorders such as schizophrenia have been the subject of heritability stud- ies in human populations. Many of these traits show fa- miliality (that is, familial similarity). There is a positive correlation, for example, between the IQ scores of par- ents and the scores of their children (the correlation is about 0.5 in white American families), but this correla-about 0....
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