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679 KEY QUESTIONS What are the basic principles of the Darwinian mechanism of evolution? What are the roles of natural selection and other processes in evolution and how do they interact with one another? How do different species arise? How different are the genomes of different kinds of organisms? How do evolutionary novelties arise? OUTLINE 21.1 A synthesis of forces: variation and divergence of populations 21.2 Multiple adaptive peaks
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Unformatted text preview: 21.3 Heritability of variation 21.4 Observed variation within and between populations 21.5 The process of speciation 21.6 Origin of new genes 21.7 Rate of molecular evolution 21.8 Genetic evidence of common ancestry in evolution 21.9 Comparative genomics and proteomics 21 EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS Charles Darwin. [Corbis/Bettmann.] 44200_21_p679-706 3/23/04 10:51 AM Page 679...
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