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513 Problems 20. A new recessive mutant allele doesn’t show pseudo- dominance with any of the deletions that span Drosophila chromosome 2. What might be the explanation? 21. Compare and contrast the origins of Turner syn- drome, Williams syndrome, cri du chat syndrome, and Down syndrome. (Why are they called syndromes ?) 22. List the diagnostic features (genetic or cytological) that are used to identify these chromosomal alterations: a. Deletions b. Duplications c. Inversions d. Reciprocal translocations 23. The normal sequence of nine genes on a certain Drosophila chromosome is 123 ? 456789, where the dot represents the centromere. Some fruit Fies were found to have aberrant chromosomes with the fol- lowing structures: a. 123 ? 476589 123 ? 46789 c. 1654 ? 32789 d. 123 ? 4566789 Name each type of chromosomal rearrangement, and draw diagrams to show how each would synapse with the normal chromosome. 24. The two loci P and Bz are normally 36 m.u. apart on the same arm of a certain plant chromosome. A paracentric inversion spans about one-fourth of this region but does not include either of the loci. What
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