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Unformatted text preview: 514 Chapter 15 Large-Scale Chromosomal Changes program is research into orangutan cytogenetics. This research has shown that all orangutans from Borneo carry one form of chromosome 2, as shown in the accompanying diagram, and all orangutans from Sumatra carry the other form. Before this cytogenet- ic difference became known, some matings were car- ried out between animals from different islands, and 14 hybrid progeny are now being raised in captivity. U NPACKING P ROBLEM 29 1. What do a gene for tassel length and a gene for rust resistance mean? 2. Does it matter that the precise meaning of the al- lelic symbols T , t , R , and r is not given? Why or why not? 3. How do the terms gene and allele, as used here, relate to the concepts of locus and gene pair? 4. What prior experimental evidence would give the corn geneticist the idea that the two genes are on separate chromosomes?...
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