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517 Problems A plant from a standard stock that is homozygous for all Fve recessive alleles is crossed to a wild-type plant from Mexico that is homozygous for all Fve dominant alleles. The ± 1 plants express all the domi- nant alleles and, when backcrossed to the recessive parent, give the following progeny phenotypes: colored, green, starchy, smooth, tall 360 white, bronze, waxy, shrunk, dwarf 355 colored, bronze, waxy, shrunk, dwarf 40 white, green, starchy, smooth, tall 46 colored, green, starchy, smooth, dwarf 85 white, bronze, waxy, shrunk, tall 84 colored, bronze, waxy, shrunk, tall 8 white, green, starchy, smooth, dwarf 9 colored, green, waxy, smooth, tall 7 white, bronze, starchy, shrunk, dwarf 6 Propose a hypothesis to explain these results. Include: a. A general statement of your hypothesis, with dia- grams if necessary b. Why there are 10 classes c. An account of the origin of each class, including its frequency d. At least one test of your hypothesis 44. Chromosomally normal corn plants have a p locus on chromosome 1 and an s locus on chromosome 5.
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