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Unformatted text preview: w w w. ANIMATED ART 525 16.1 Forward genetics Mutagen Genetic Selection Genetic Screen Individuals lacking phenotype of interest are killed Numerous individuals survive Bacteria growing in liquid culture Phenotype of each survivor must be examined Individual with mutant phenotype of interest is found Individual with mutant phenotype of interest survives Figure 16-4 Comparison of genetic selections and genetic screens. In selections only the mutant survives. In screens, large populations are visually checked for mutants. Prototrophs held by filter Prototrophic wild types Nutritional mutants (auxotrophs) Minimal medium Auxotrophs can grow Auxotrophs pass through Leucine-containing medium Plate Screening and selecting for mutations Figure 16-5 Selection of fungal auxotrophs by filter enrichment. Only the desired phenotypes evade the filter. In this case the desired phenotype is a requirement for leucine in the medium....
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