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Unformatted text preview: 527 16.1 Forward genetics Forward genetic screens Genetic screens can be used to dissect any biological process. Their effectiveness depends only on the ingenuity of the researcher in coming up with a protocol that reveals the desired class of mutations. Some examples follow. DISSECTION OF MORPHOGENESIS IN NEUROSPORA Morphogenesis (development of form) in filamentous fungi such as Neurospora is merely a reiteration of the processes of hyphal tip growth and branching. If there is a mutation in any one of the genes affecting these processes, the colony takes on an abnormal appearance (Figure 16-8). Hence it is a simple matter to mutagenize a large population of haploid cells, plate them out at high densi- ties, and then visually screen for odd-looking colonies. Hundreds of loci have been identified in such screens, representing the set of genes that together promote tip growth and branching. Among these are genes for actin, dynactin, and dynein, all associated with the cytoskeleton....
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