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Unformatted text preview: 528 Chapter 16 Dissection of Gene Function cycle at specific points. Because many such mutations are expected to be lethal, the screen was for conditional heat-sensitive cdc mutations, which are wild type at low temperatures but mutant at high. They result from amino acid changes that lead to deleterious protein shape changes at high temperature. These mutants can be propagated at room temperature (the permissive temperature) and then shifted to high temperature (the restrictive temperature), at which they express the mu- tant phenotype. The set of mutants derived from this type of screen has enabled researchers to define many of the proteins that regulate the highly programmed pro- gression through the cell cycle. Comparative genomics has shown that these same genes are at work in the cell cycle of humans, and that many of these genes are defec- tive in cancers. DISSECTION OF NUCLEAR DIVISION IN ASPER- GILLUS Aspergillus is a filamentous fungus that like Neurospora has been an important genetic model organ-...
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