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Introduction to - 44200_16_p521-544 11:12 AM Page 541 Problems 541 11 In a haploid zebra sh screen you nd a very interesting female that generates

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11. In a haploid zebra fsh screen you fnd a very interest- ing Female that generates exactly the right develop- mental phenotype you seek in her haploid progeny. How would you go about producing a diploid line homozygous For that mutation (assume it is viable)? 12. You are interested in the development oF the Drosophila head. How would you use a lacZ en- hancer trap to fnd “head genes”? 13. In Neurospora you are interested in the gene For phospholipase C (PLC). You have its sequence, and two clones oF it. One clone is wild type, and the other has a hygromycin-resistance gene spliced into the middle oF it. Show how you might knock out PLC by replacement by RIP. 14. In PCR mutagenesis, why is the “long PCR primer” necessary? 15. In RNAi, distinguish between the diFFerent roles oF RISC and dicer complexes. 16. To inactivate a gene by RNAi, what inFormation do you need? Do you need the map position oF the tar- get gene?
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