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Unformatted text preview: 542 Chapter 16 • Dissection of Gene Function 27. Devise imaginative screening procedures for detecting the following: a. Nerve mutants in Drosophila b. Mutants lacking flagella in a haploid unicellular alga c. Supercolossal-size mutants in bacteria d. Mutants that overproduce the black compound melanin in normally white haploid fungus cultures e. Individual humans (in large populations) whose eyes polarize incoming light f. Negatively phototrophic Drosophila or unicellular algae g. UV-sensitive mutants in haploid yeast 28. A man and a woman with no record of genetic disease in their families have one child with neu- rofibromatosis (autosomal dominant) and another child who is unaffected. The penetrance of neuro- fibromatosis is close to 100 percent. a. Explain the birth of the affected child. b. How would you counsel the parents if they con- templated having another child? 29. Describe three different methods used to generate phenocopies. What is the purpose of generating a phenocopy?phenocopy?...
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