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Unformatted text preview: 546 Chapter 17 Genetic Regulation of Cell Number: Normal and Cancer Cells CHAPTER OVERVIEW T he regulation of somatic-cell number is a splendid example of homeostasisthe sophisticated mecha- nisms that maintain an organisms physiology within normal limits. Cell proliferation is shut down and cells die when too many cells of a given type are present, and cell proliferation accelerates and cell death is inhibited when there is a deficiency of cells of a particular type. If cell proliferation and cell death are carefully balanced normally, what happens when these homeostatic mecha- nisms go awry because of mutations in the genes govern- ing these processes? The consequences in many organ- isms, including humans, are dramatic: the accumulation of multiple mutations accelerating proliferation and blocking cell death in the same somatic cell is the under- lying cause of cancer. This chapter will explore the regulation of cell num- ber and the underlying causes of misregulation that lead...
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