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result from differences in genetic or environmental fac- tors, differences in disease stage, or any of many other factors. A breakthrough was achieved from profiling gene transcription in malignant cells from 40 patients, with the use of microarray technology (Figure 17-23). In this study, two different patterns of gene expression were observed. One pattern, called the germinal-center B-cell-like pattern (GCB), correlates with a much higher probability of patient survival after standard chemotherapy than does the other pattern, called acti- vated B-cell-like DLBCL. (These patterns are named for their similarities in gene expression to certain normal B-lymphocyte cell types.) This finding suggests that even though DLBCL is diagnosed histologically as one disease, at a molecular level it is more like two different diseases. This result raises the hope of more accurate diagnosis and of treatment that can be focused specifi- cally on each disease. Further, such microarray experi-
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