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How do mutations promote tumors? Tumor-producing mutations either release normal in- hibitory controls on the cell cycle or block cell death. In addition, mutations that increase the mutation rate of the cell are tumor promoting, presumably because mutations increase in the cell-proliferation or apoptosis pathways. How can genomic methodologies be applied to cancer research and medicine? Microarray technology can be used to search for muta- tions in tumor-suppressor genes and to more precisely diagnose the type of cancer in patients presenting the same histological tumor phenotype. 570 Chapter 17 Genetic Regulation of Cell Number: Normal and Cancer Cells Somatic cells of higher eukaryotes are integrated into a variety of tissues and may be of many different types, each with a specialized role in the physiology of an or- ganism. Regulation of cell numbers is essential for main- taining proper physiological balance among the various tissues and cell types. Higher eukaryotic organisms have evolved mechanisms that control cell survival and the ability to proliferate. Normal cell proliferation is controlled by regulation
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