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Unformatted text preview: w w w. ANIMATED ART Gene interactions in Drosophila embryogenesis: Cell signaling in dorsalventral axis formation Figure 18-18 Determination of posterior and anterior ends in the Drosophila embryo. (a) The cytoskeleton is reorganized to create populations of posterior and dorsal follicle cells through EGF-like ligand and EGFR signaling between the oocyte and the overlying follicle cells. (The EGF-like ligand is called gurken (GRK) because mutations in the gurken gene produce a phenotype like little pickles.) (b) Microtubule reorganization delivers the nucleus to the posterior pole, thereby delivering the EGF- like signal to the posterior pole and creating the posterior polar follicle cells. (c) These posterior polar follicle cells send a signal back to the oocyte that causes the microtubules to reorganize again, reversing their polarity and bringing the nucleus and GRK to the dorsal anterior sector of the oocyte, leading to the establishment of the dorsal follicle cells. [After A. Gonzalez-Reyes, H. Elliott, dorsal follicle cells....
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