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44200 18 Chapter 12 Genomics 44200 GRIFFITHS FREEM Ch-12 First Pages Sen 12-10-2003 p 18 Application File with a wild-type transgene and seeing if it will revert a recessive mutation. A positive result would be taken as strong evidence that we had identified a DNA frag- ment that contained the mutant allele or rearrange- ment breakpoint. 12.5 Bioinformatics: meaning from genomic sequence The genomic sequence is a highly encrypted code con- taining the information for building and maintaining a functional organism. The study of the information con- tent of genomes is called bioinformatics. We are far from being able to read this information from beginning to end in the way that we would read a book. Even though we know the letters of the alphabet and we know which triplets code for amino acids in the protein-coding seg- ments, much of the information contained in a genome remains indecipherable. The nature of the information content of DNA Information is defined literally as “that which is necessary to give form.” DNA contains such information, but in what way is it encoded? Conventionally, the information is thought of as the sum of all the gene products, both
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