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Unformatted text preview: 430 Chapter 13 • The Dynamic Genome: Transposable Elements IDENTIFICATION OF DISCRETE IS ELEMENTS Several E. coli gal 2 mutants were found to contain large inser- tions of DNA into the gal operon. This finding led natu- rally to the next question: Are the segments of DNA that insert into genes merely random DNA fragments or are they distinct genetic entities? The answer to this question came from the results of hybridization experi- ments showing that many different insertion mutations are caused by a small set of insertion sequences. These experiments are performed with the use of l dgal phage that contain the gal 2 operon from several independently isolated gal mutant strains. Individual phage from the strains are isolated, and their DNA is used to synthesize radioactive RNA in vitro. Certain fragments of this RNA are found to hybridize with the DNA from other gal 2 mutations containing large DNA insertions but not with wild-type DNA. These results were interpreted to mean that independently isolated...
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