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481 15 LARGE-SCALE CHROMOSOMAL CHANGES KEY QUESTIONS How common are polyploids (organisms with multiple chromosome sets)? How do polyploids arise? Do polyploids have any special properties? Is the polyploid state transmissible to offspring? What inheritance patterns are observed in the progeny of polyploids? How do aneuploids (variants in which a single chromosome has been gained or lost) arise? Do aneuploids show any special properties? What inheritance patterns are produced by aneuploids? How do large-scale chromosome rearrangements (deletions, duplications, inversions, and translocations) arise? Do these rearrangements have any special properties? What inheritance patterns are produced by rearrangements? OUTLINE 15.1 Changes in chromosome number 15.2 Changes in chromosome structure 15.3 Overall incidence of human
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Unformatted text preview: chromosome mutations A reciprocal translocation demonstrated by chromosome painting. A suspension of chromosomes from many cells is passed through an electronic device that sorts them by size. DNA is extracted from individual chromosomes, denatured, joined with one of several fluorescent dyes, and then added to partially denatured chromosomes on a slide. The fluorescent DNA “finds” its own chromosome and binds along its length by base complementarity, thus “painting” it. In this preparation, a bright blue and a pink dye have been used to paint different chromosomes. The preparation shows one normal pink chromosome, one normal light blue, and two that have exchanged their tips. [Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.] 44200_15_p481-520 3/12/04 1:06 PM Page 481...
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