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Unformatted text preview: w w w. ANIMATED ART 486 Chapter 15 Large-Scale Chromosomal Changes Autotetraploids arise by the doubling of a 2 n com- plement to 4 n . This doubling can occur spontaneously, but it can also be induced artificially by applying chemi- cal agents that disrupt microtubule polymerization. We saw in Chapter 3 that chromosome segregation is pow- ered by spindle fibers, which are polymers of the protein tubulin. Hence disruption of microtubule polymeriza- tion blocks chromosome segregation. The chemical treatment is normally applied to somatic tissue during the formation of spindle fibers in cells undergoing divi- sion. The resulting polyploid tissue (such as a polyploid branch of a plant) can be detected by examining stained chromosomes from the tissue under a microscope. Such a branch can be removed and used as a cutting to gener- ate a polyploid plant or allowed to produce flowers, which when selfed would produce polyploid offspring....
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