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498 Chapter 15 Large-Scale Chromosomal Changes AB CE D C C D E the two segments are adjacent to each other (a tandem duplication), as in this duplication of segment C: A Normal sequence Paracentric Pericentric F D A B BC E D F ADC B E F However, the duplicate segment can end up at a differ- ent position on the same chromosome, or even on a dif- ferent chromosome. The following sections consider the properties of these balanced and unbalanced rearrangements. Inversions Inversions are of two basic types. If the centromere is outside the inversion, the inversion is said to be paracen- tric. Inversions spanning the centromere are pericentric. A P BC D Breakpoints between genes Normal sequence P P PP P P P Breaks in DNA P CB D P P P Inverted alignment P P P P Joining of breaks to complete inversion Inversion Inversion Inversion P C ”“ B P P P
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