EE5602 ARFaMT Revision 2010B

EE5602 ARFaMT Revision 2010B - SuggestedRevisionforEE5602

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Suggested Revision for EE5602 Handouts, Notes, Tutorial, Assignments, Test, Examples and Review of Transmission Lines 1 Topic Equations which will be given What you are expected to know All except Smith chart Principle and use Conversion from  Γ  to Z and Z to  Γ Smith chart Admittance or Impedance chart Admittance and Impedance chart Towards generator Towards load Impedance Matching 2 Topic Equations which will be given What you are expected to know Ell matching Configurations and design Single stub matching Configuration and design S-parameters 3 Topic Equations which will be given What you are expected to know 2-port parameters Table of 2-port parameters Principles s-parameters Definition Signal flow graphs Definition Mason’s rule Non-touching loop rule Definitions and use Useful results Source/load, amplifier, shift in  reference planes
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Amplifier Design 4 Topic Equations which will be given
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EE5602 ARFaMT Revision 2010B - SuggestedRevisionforEE5602

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