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AVINTRO - Lecturer Dr Peter Tsang Room G6505 Phone 27887763...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecturer: Dr. Peter Tsang Room: G6505 Phone: 27887763 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Websource: Blackboard Reference Books Ronald K. Jurgen, “Digital Ronald Consumer Electronics Handbook”, McGraw Hill, 1997. S.K. Chang, “Principles of Pictorial S.K. Information System Design”, Prentice-Hall Int’l. Prentice-Hall Reference Books G.H. Hutson, “Color TV System G.H. Principles, Engineering Practice and Applied Technology”, McGraw Hill. Applied J.S. Zarach, “Television, Principles J.S. and Practice”, Macmillan Education Ltd. 1989. Ltd. Coursework (40% of total score) 2 in-class assignments (tentative date: Week 4 in-class and 8). and Dates may be changed with prior notice. Dates 5 Miniproject/interactive learning Sessions Miniproject/interactive from Week 9 to 13. from Study Guide A set of questions to build up concepts. Strengthen concepts in tutorial sessions. Discussions Nature of Course A study on traditional Television study systems. systems. Quantization and Predictive Coding. Compression based on Discrete Cosine. Compression Transform (DCT). Transform JPEG and MPEG standards. MPEG Introduction to Audio signals. Audio compression. To appreciate Audiovisual Technologies To developed to date. developed To study fundamental theories and To algorithms in AV technologies. To study modern standards in Video and To Audio Compression. Audio Aims: Familiarize with present technologies as a Aims: preliminary basis for generating new ones in the future. in A new mode of study Brute force practicing of mathematical Brute calculations is not encouraged. Clear understanding of concepts and theories Clear is important. Knowledge on the basis of system structure Knowledge and standard is important. and Accustom to “System Level” point of view. Expectation from students Attended all lectures, tutorials, test and Attended laboratory sessions. Self motivated and initiative in learning. Self Clarify problems during tutorials, or in Clarify lectures if necessary. lectures Assist learning with study guide. ...
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